[edit] In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters

In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, every action you take has the potential to affect your alignment. Gaining or losing points on the positive and negative scales will alter many things in the game, such as townspeople's reactions towards you, availability of Quests, and possibly most notably, your appearance.

While saving villagers from monsters and bandits, as well as other heroic deeds, will earn you positive alignment points, bringing you towards the good side, actions such as killing innocents, stealing, breaking other laws, and even domestic violence will cost you alignment points, bringing you down towards the evil side

Your actions are not the only thing that can alter your alignment. Wearing certain Clothing can add points to both the good and evil measurement. Certain tattoos can also alter your alignment standing.

Certain armors and weapons cannot be equipped unless you have a specific alignment.

[edit] Appearance

Players who have accumulated many evil points will notice that their hero will have a redish glow to him, eventually sprout horns on his forehead, gain a pale complexion, and even attract flies.

Players who have accumulated many good points will eventually see a halo appear over their head, birds and butterflies following him around, and very light, more heroic features.

[edit] In Fable II

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