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[edit] About Avatar Marketplace


On Tuesday 12th of August, 2009, Microsoft released an update for Xbox Live users that included the ability for the player to download clothing for the player's avatar. The clothing is themed by either if it is a real life sports brand or if it tied in with a game. Along with Gears of War, Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST, Lionhead released a series of Fable related clothing

[edit] On Sale Now

Baseball Cap: 80Microsoft Point.jpg
Cup Tee: 80Microsoft Point.jpg
Explorer shirt: 160Microsoft Point.jpg
Highwayman Gloves: 40Microsoft Point.jpg
Highwayman Coat: 240Microsoft Point.jpg
Highwayman Boots: 160Microsoft Point.jpg
Highwayman Hat: 160Microsoft Point.jpg
Highwayman Trousers: 160Microsoft Point.jpg
Fable Tee (with image of a Hobbe): 80Microsoft Point.jpg
Spire Guard Coat: 160Microsoft Point.jpg
Top Hat: 160Microsoft Point.jpg

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