Bowerstone is the largest town in Albion in both Fable and Fable II. It is the largest hub in Albion all three games and is the only known town to have it's own mayor.


[edit] Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters

In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, Bowerstone is split up into 5 parts, Bowerstone South, Bowerstone North, Bowerstone Jail, Bowerstone Quay and Bowerstone Manor.

[edit] Bowerstone South

Bowerstone South is the biggest market district in Albion during he time of the original Fable. It has a pub, a house for sale, traders and several shops where Hero can obtain goods. A silver key can be obtained here.

[edit] Bowerstone Quay

This small area is home to the Fist Fighters gang and a man who repeatedly tells the Hero how his face should look like before running off and revealing it was a trick.

[edit] Bowerstone North

Bowerstone North contains a pub, Bowerstone Manor and one shop. During missions for Lady Grey, she will be outside her manor waiting for Hero to complete his task. Afterwards, if she and Hero marry, she would usually be spotted roaming Bowerstone North and even telling off females who Hero starts flirting with.

[edit] Bowerstone Manor

Bowerstone Manor is property of Lady Grey and only contains two rooms. In Lady Grey's bedroom, if her bed is searched, a silver key can be found and behind her bed is a 15-key chest containing the Katana Hiryu.

[edit] Bowerstone Jail

Bowerstone Jail is some criminals of Albion are held and is the second largest, after Bargate Prison.

[edit] Fable II

In Fable II, Bowerstone has grown bigger. The manor was burnt down and a large castle overlooking Bowerstone Market was created.

[edit] Bowerstone Market

Main article: Bowerstone Market

500 years after the events of Fable, Bowerstone grows much more larger and is moved more closer to the coast.

[edit] Bowerstone Old Town

Main article: Bowerstone Old Town

Bowerstone Old Town is smaller than the Market and consists of mostly houses and small stalls. The Hero of Bowerstone grew up in this area.

[edit] Bowerstone Cemetery

Main article: Bowerstone Cemetery

Bowerstone Cemetary, is as the name suggests, a cemetery for the people of Bowerstone. It has a large, buyable manor.

[edit] Bower Lake

Main article: Bower Lake

Bower Lake is the home of various gypsies and stonecutters. After growing up in Old Town, Hero relocated here after a bad injury involving antagonist Lucien Fairfax.

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