Bowerstone Market


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The Bowerstone Bridge

Bowerstone Market is one of the busiest parts of Bowerstone, and a central trading hub for all of Albion, complete with many shops and vendors, as well as plenty of real-estate available for purchase.

Underneath the Bowerstone Bridge (pictured at right) you will find The Gargoyle's Trove, which is necessary for The Gargoyle Achievement.

Bowerstone Market connects with Bower Lake, Bowerstone Old Town and Fairfax Gardens.

[edit] Shops

All stores can be bought.
The Beautification Factory
Bit of Skirt - Tailor
Bower Stones - Stone Cutter
Bowerstone Coach House - Carriages
The Cow and Corset- Pub
Fiction Burns- Bookstore
Pants!- Tailor
Potion in Motion- Alchemist

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