Chapel of Skorm


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Chapel of Skorm
Fable: The Lost Chapters
WestDarkwood Camp

The Chapel of Skorm is a place where the Albion variation of the Devil is worshipped.


[edit] Geography and in game

The Chapel of Skorm is a location in Darkwood. It's next to the Darkwood Camp. Regardless of what time of day or night it is, the sky surrounding the chapel will always be red.

[edit] Trader Escort

During the quest Trader Escort, Guild Master makes a reference of this location during that start of the quest, saying that it 'will let evil into your soul'. Note that sacrificing all of the traders result in a quest failure.

[edit] Rewards

There are various rewards that can be gained from sacrificing people in the chapel, such as a rank, lots of evil points and the Skorm's Bow, the most powerful bow in the game. Killing the men in the chapel will result in good points.

[edit] See Also

Temple of Avo- It's located on Witchwood Island and is the complete opposite to the Chapel of Skorm.

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