Chesty is a minor antagonist in Fable II and Fable III. It is an anthropomorphic Chest that The Hero of Bowerstone meets in Nightmare Hollow.

[edit] Brightwood Tower

It can be found after escaping from The Spire. Brightwood Tower, Garth's place of former residence, is on sale and when it is bought, Hero can sleep in a bed at the top of the house. It takes him to Nightmare Hollow, where Hero, as a child, meets Chesty, who says it wants to have fun with him and be its 'Super Best Friend'. Unfortunately, it meant sending out waves of increasingly difficult enemies. After they've all been defeated, Chesty becomes upset about how Hero doesn't want to be its 'Super Best Friend', leaving 100 000 Coins and the Diamond of Sorrow.

[edit] Other appearances

[edit] Notes

  • Chesty's Fable 3 appearance was revealed through an achievement, Knight Jumps Chesty.
  • Chesty does not move. He disappears and reappears in several places in Nightmare Hollow.
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