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Childhood (Quest)
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Murgo's stall, attacting a crowd.
PrecedesThe Birth of a Hero

Childhood is the first Quest in Fable 2. It focuses on the childhood of Sparrow as he/she grows up in the streets of Bowerstone. The quest revolves around Sparrow and his/her sister Rose meeting with Theresa and attempting to buy a magical music box off Mystical Murgo, a Trader. To do so, Sparrow must collect 5 Gold pieces.


[edit] Gold Pieces

[edit] Photos

To get the first gold piece, go to the photographer, who wants subjects. Get on the podium and do an good or bad expression. Sparrow then recieves his/her first gold piece. The photographer then reveals that the photo would take about three months to develop and to give to Sparrow.

[edit] Warrants

A Guard is missing warrants and enlists the help of Sparrow and Rose. There are 5 warrants in total to find and they are spread out in the explorable area of Bowerstone.

[edit] Beetle killing

A man gets help from Sparrow to shoot beetles in his warehouse for a gold piece or a man on the bottom floor also gives Sparrow the option to destroy the bottom floor for a gold piece.

[edit] Wine

A husband and wife are arguing, the husband is drunk and wants his alcohol back. A sleeping man nearby has it and Sparrow gets the bottle. He/she can give it to the wife or man. The wine bottle has one of the warrants stuck on the top.

[edit] Monty

Monty has fallen in love with a female but the mother doesn't approve. He wants Sparrow to give a love letter to the female, but Sparrow can give it to the mother instead.

[edit] Fairfax Manor

Spoilers ahead.

After buying the music box, it disappears. Rose and Sparrow go to bed with the dog, who appeared at where they were. That night, Rose is woken by several guards who want to take her to Fairfax Manor. She wakes up Sparrow and they go together to the Manor. They walk through the entrance hall to Lucien Fairfax. After Sparrow and Rose stand on an object in his office, Lucien attempts to join them but a force field prevents him. He shoots and kills Rose while Sparrow is knocked out of a window and pummets down to the streets below, surprisingly surviving.

[edit] Notes

  • This first quest, as well as the accompanying achievements, can be downloaded for free from the Xbox Live marketplace.

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