Circle of the Dead

Circle of the Dead
Circle of the Dead.jpg
Hero activating the circle by killing the Undead
Fable: The Lost Chapters
NorthEntrance to Bargate Prison
SouthOld Graveyard Path
Points of InterestCircle of the Dead
First Explored inThe Graveyard Path
Unlocks to exploreBargate Prison

[edit] Plot

To enter Bargate Prison, Hero must defeat several waves of Undead. The first wave, the weakest variation of the Undead, have the most warriors needing to be killed to fill up various dots on the outside of the circle. Once the weakest undead die, a green light appears in one of the smaller circles on the outer area of the circle. The next wave don't have as much warriors required to be destroyed but have more health and are stronger. In the last wave, Hero has to defeat 3 very strong Undead warriors. After all of the smaller circles have lights illuminated, the door to Bargate Prison unlocks for Hero to enter.

[edit] Features

The area is a small area and the most noteable feature is the large circle in the centre of the biggest area. There is a chest in a hidden area found on the edge of the large circular area.

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