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Lady Elvira Grey
Lady Grey.jpg
Lady Grey, Married to Hero
Fable: The Lost Chapters
Fable 2
Introduced inMaze's Information


[edit] Fable

Lady Elvira Grey was the evil Mayor of Bowerstone. She is introduced into the game when Hero first enters Bowerstone South to speak with Maze. She is mayor during Fable and can be married. Before marrying Lady Grey, Hero must do several mini quests for Lady Grey, such as giving her a gift, buying a house, finding her necklace somewhere in Albion (although it's on Oakvale Beach between the two upturned boats), and finally defeating Thunder. After Thunder's defeat, Lady Grey can be married, giving access to a Demon Door in the far south at Grey House, access to Bowerstone Manor and access to the Katana Hiryu if Hero has 15 Silver Keys.

[edit] Fable: The Lost Chapters

Lady Grey can be investigated by the Hero for the death of her sister. When Hero finds the sister's corpse in Grey House Cellar, he must pick between marrying Lady Grey or exposing her and become Mayor of Bowerstone.

[edit] Fable 2

Lady Grey can be resurrected in Fable 2 and even married in Bowerstone Cemetary. Marrying her before finishing the storyline creates several glitches, including making her disappear completely from the game. If The Hero uses the blades spell, Lady Grey starts roaring at the protagonist.[1]

[edit] References

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