Fable Boxart.jpg Fable Boxart
Developer(s)Big Blue Box
Publisher(s)Microsoft Game Studios
GenreFantasy RPG
Theme(s)Fantasy, Lifestyle, Medieval
Release Date(s)NA: Sep 14, 04
Europe: Oct 8, 04
Australia: Oct 15, 04
Japan: Mar 17, 05
Platform(s)Xbox, Xbox 360
Perspective(s):Third Person
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[edit] Plot

In Fable you play the role of a young hero, whose hometown of Oakvale was destroyed by Bandits. The hero is saved by an older hero named Maze, who takes him to The Heroes Guild and helps him begin his training. Upon completion of his training, your hero sets off across the land of Albion to search for answers regarding his village's grim history.


[edit] Characters

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[edit] Quests

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[edit] Items

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[edit] Locations

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[edit] Alignment

See Main Article Alignment

In Fable players have many options and choices that they can make that will effect their Alignment. Whether it is doing heroic quests, wearing evil armour, killing/sparing enemies (and friends sometimes) - every action you take has an effect on your character's alignment.

[edit] Download

This game is downloadable on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It does not include the content from Fable: The Lost Chapters.

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