Fable II

Fable II
Fable II Boxart.jpg Fable II Boxart
Developer(s)Lionhead Studios
Publisher(s)Microsoft Game Studios
GenreFantasy RPG
Theme(s)Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Release Date(s)NA: Oct 21, 08
Europe: Oct 24, 08
Australia: Oct 24, 08
Platform(s)Xbox 360
Perspective(s):Third Person
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[edit] Plot

500 Years following the original Fable story, you take the role of our new hero named Sparrow. Wishing your way into the walls of Castle Fairfax where your sister is mercilessly murdered by Lord Lucien, who also attempts to murder you; but death is not your fate. You are tasked to work your way from poverty to heroism, becoming famous to the residents of Albion and pursuing your one desire, to avenge your sister. You must track down Lucien and learn of your ancient bloodline, aquire the assistance of the 3 other fated heroes to foil Lucien's plans; and get your revenge.

[edit] Characters

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[edit] Quests

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[edit] Items

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[edit] Locations

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Fable II still takes place in Albion, though 500 years after the original game. You will find Bowerstone, and many other familiar locations, though busier, bustling, and a bit more crowded. In other instances, entire towns have been wiped out and replaced with a swamp (the original Oakvale and Barrow Fields) or turned into towns, such as Twinblade's Tent becoming Bloodstone.

[edit] Pub Games

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[edit] Fable II Episodes

On September 29th 2009 five parts of Fable II was be released on Xbox Live. The first episode released was the Childhood quest and can be downloaded for free, including the appropriate achievements. The other four parts will also be released, but at a price. It is fully compatible with the retail version and with the DLC Knothole Island and See the Future.[1]

[edit] GOTY Edition

Fable II-GOTY Edition.jpg

A Game Of The Year Edition has been released in 2009. It only included the two downloads See The Future and Knothole Island on the disc without needing to download them.

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