Fable III


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Fable III
Fable III.jpg Fable III temp cover
Developer(s)Lionhead Studios
Publisher(s)Microsoft Game Studios
GenreFantasy RPG
Theme(s)Fantasy, Dark Fantasy
Release Date(s)October 26, 2010 [1]
Perspective(s):Third Person
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Fable III is a game released in 2010.


[edit] Plot

The plot is that your older brother is the King of Albion, A Tyrant and Albion hates him, You are a hero unlike your brother and you run away to gain the trust of the different civilizations of Albion and then attempt a revolution and take the throne for yourself, You must then make numerous decisions and become a good king or like your brother, a Tyrant and then defend your kingdom from The Darkness.

[edit] Features

This game has been confirmed to have Natal support.[2]
Characters can be touched, presumably taking advantage of the Natal support.
There will be no HUD at all, including no heath bars.
Jonathan Ross has confirmed to be lending his voice to an unknown character in the game. [3]

[edit] Limited Collector's Edition

Fable III- LCE.jpg
The Limited Collector's Edition comes with:

  • An extra downloadable quest and region
  • Fable 3 Playing Cards
  • 2 New outfits for each gender
  • A new dog breed, the Boxer
  • Replica Guild Seal Coin

[edit] Downloadable Content

The first downloadable content for the game was the unlockable area of Understone. It also included new characters and quests, as well as additional quests for the main game.

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