Fable II Pub Games

Fable II Pub Games
Fable II Pub Games art.jpg Fable II Pub Games
Developer(s)Lionhead Studios
Release Date(s)NA: August 13, 08
Europe: August 13, 08
Australia: August 13, 08
Platform(s)Xbox 360

Fable II Pub Games is a collection of casino style mini-games released on Xbox Live Arcade the summer prior to Fable II's release.

Gold collected in Pub Games would then be available for use in game when the player plays Fable II.

[edit] Cheating

It was soon discovered that players could cheat in the games. In Fortune's Tower card game pressing the left bumper when the bets were placed would increase the bet ten fold without affecting a players gold. This was later addressed by the developers as intentional, and would leave gamers with a "surprise waiting for them in Fable 2"[1]

[edit] Controversy

Once Fable II was released, it was discovered that specific items for the The Completionist acheivement could only be obtained on Fable II Pub Games. This violated Microsoft's Acheivement Policy, which stated that all disc-based game must have 1000 gamerscore, or if any required [2] Later, these objects could be obtained from downloading See The Future Free Pack.

[edit] References

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