A Guard is a NPC from the Fable series who's main role is to ensure law and order throughout Albion. They are most commonly stationed at major towns in both games, as well as major roads between them. There are three types of towns and how guards secure them from enemies.


[edit] Security Levels

[edit] High

These towns do not permit any sort of weapon to be brought in from outside. At the entrance of each town, Hero's weapons are confiscated until he leaves. Bowerstone South and Bowerstone North are the only towns from the series where this level of security occurs. When a weapon is bought at the Blacksmith in Bowerstone South or at the shop in Bowerstone North, they are kept by the guards until Hero leaves either of the two towns.

[edit] Medium

These towns permit weapons to be unsheathed, but if guards notice, they will fine the Hero. This is the case in virtually all major towns in Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable II except Darkwood Bordello and Bloodstone, respectively.

[edit] Low to None

These towns permit weapons to be unsheathed, as no guards will notice because there are no guards. In Bloodstone, if someone is killed by Sparrow, the citizens take the law into their own hands and go after him/her themselves.

[edit] Other

Knothole Glade, despite having a relaxed attitude towards weapons comapred to Bowerstone, the guards close the very large wooden doors at the sign of danger to protect the citizens regardless of if any citizens is already outside the city walls.

[edit] Types of Guards

There are several types of guards trained to deal with different problems or emergencies.

[edit] Town Guard

A town guard is the most common guard found in the series. They are usually found in and near towns.

[edit] Spire Guard

Spire Guards are introduced in fable II. Their role is to ensure that none of the prisoners of the Spire escape from it. Sparrow goes undercover dressed as one to break out The Hero of Will. The leader of the Spire Guards is the Commandant, who was defeated by Hero.

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