Legendary Weapon


[edit] In Fable

[edit] In Fable II

200px The Calvera
Legendary Mace
Damage: Flame
Augments: 67
Obtained within the Westcliff Demon Door.

200px The Chopper
Legendary Axe
Damage: Discipline & Stoneskin
Augments: 96
Obtained after getting all perfect rounds in the Crucible.

200px The Daichi
Legendary Katana
Damage: 91
Augments: Bewitching, Devastation & Killerwatt
Obtained when you are in Brightwood Tower. You have to jump Garth's Tower into Archon's Knot tom and go through it. When you exit Archon's Knot, there should be a treasure chest outside that will contain the Daichi.

200px Hammerthyst
Legendary Hammer
Damage: 78
Augments: Barkskin
Obtained inside the Oakfield Demon Door

200px The Maelstorm
Legendary Longsword
Damage: 58
Augments: Scourge
Obtained after sacrificing 2000 points worth of people at The Temple of Shadows, and then sacrificing your spouse between midnight and 1:00 AM (game time).

200px The Rising Sun
Legendary Cleaver
Damage: 61
Augments: Righteous Violence
Obtained after donating over 10,000 gold to the Temple of Light at midnight.

200px The Enforcer
Legendary Blunderbuss
Damage: 177
Augments: Barkskin & Lucky Charm
Obtained after completing the "Cold Comfort Farmer" and "The Blind Date" missions, and purchasing Gile's Farm. The Enforcer is found after digging in the cellar.

The Perforator.jpg The Perforator
Legendary Turret Rifle
Damage: 81
Augments: Barkskin, Discipline & Fear Itself
Obtained inside the Wraithmarsh Demon Door

200px The Red Dragon
Legendary Pistol
Damage: 41
Augments: Devastation & Lucky Charm
Obtained after recieving first place in the competition at the Westcliff Shooting Range.

200px The Rammer
Legendary Crossbow
Damage: 119
Augments: Bewitching, Flame & Ghoul
Obtained inside The Gargoyle's Trove after killing 50 gargoyles.

[edit] Special Weapons (DLC Required):

Hal's Sword is inside the Chamber of Fate (in the Old Tomb). You must have the Fable 2 Limited Edition DLC to do this. This sword is supposed to be the Energy Sword from Halo games.

Augment(s): None, but there are 3 slots for you to put augments in it

Damage: 22

200px The Wreckager
Legendary Cutlass
Damage: 78
Augments: Fear Itself, Golden Touch & Stoneskin
If you have the DLC from the limited edition of Fable II, it can be obtained in Halls of the Dead in Bloodstone

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