List of Downloadable content for the Fable series


[edit] Fable

This list is of DLC for the original Fable.

[edit] Full game

The entire game can be downloaded off the Xbox Live marketplace as part of the Xbox Originals series on offer for the price of 1200 Microsoft points.[1]

[edit] Picture pack and theme

Both a picture pack and a theme can be downloaded, both for free.

[edit] Fable II

[edit] Knothole Island

Knothole Island, the presumed successor of Knothole Glade can be downloaded. If the player downloads the free package, he/she must be with an Xbox Live friend to explore the island, or alternatively can download the premium package to do more quests and explore by him/herself for 800 microsoft points.[2]

[edit] Fable II Pub Games

The sidegame Fable II: Pub Games can be downloaded. It is a collection of casino-style games for Xbox Live Arcade. A trial can be downloaded for free.[3]

[edit] Video Diaries

Several video diaries (up to 8) can be downloaded for free.

[edit] Knothole Island Theme

A theme for the Xbox 360 of Knothole Island can be downloaded for 250 Microsoft Points.

[edit] Albion Theme

A theme for the Xbox 360 of Albion can be downloaded for 250 Microsoft Points.

[edit] E3 Trailer

The E3 trailer announcing the game can be downlooaded for free.

[edit] Bringing it home theme

A general Fable 2 theme can be downloaded for 150 Microsoft Points.

[edit] See the Future

Main article: See The Future

The second major download for Fable II,[4] has been released and sees the return of Murgo the Trader and what he has for sale.

[edit] Avatar Marketplace

Main article: Avatar Marketplace

The Avatar Marketplace is a section of the Xbox 360 Dashboard where players can buy Fable II related clothing and items for their avatars.

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