Lucien Fairfax

Lucien Fairfax is the main antagonist of Fable II.

[edit] History

He was born in a rich family, although many members became insane for no known reason. The Fairfax family moved into what became known as Fairfax manor, which was built on top of Bowerstone Manor.

[edit] Fable II

In the Childhood quest, Lucien is mentioned by his butler to be researching Old Kingdom relics, but it's revealed in a few quests afterwards that he has been researching about The Spire, which grants the owner one wish. The previous person to use it almost destroyed Albion.
Lucien continued building the Spire, using innocent people, who many of them died. He also discovers that he needs to find the Heroes of Will, Skill and Strength.
Lucien finds out that one of the Heroes, The Hero of Bowerstone, accompaniedf with sister Rose, were living in Bowerstone, so he sent Guards to recover them and send them to him. When researching the Heroes, he finds out Sparrow wasn't either of the three heroes, but a fourth with a combined power of Will, Skill and Strength. He shoots Rose, killing her, and attempts to kill Sparrow as well, but she/he survives.
By the time Hero grows up, Lucien has almost finished building the Spire, at the cost of innocent civilians lives. He begins searching for the other three Heroes, believing the protagonist to be dead. Sparrow finds Hammer and recruits her with little problems, but Lucien kidnaps Garth, so Sparrow visits the Spire to break him out.
The Hero of Skill, Reaver, finds out of the price Sparrow's bounty when he gets discovered by Lucien, so Reaver would betray him to Lucien. He gets shocked after discovering that Lucien wants him as well, so they both escape.
The three Heroes reunite at the hill in Bower Lake, but Lucien teleports in and kidnaps the three heroes. Hero returns to the Spire and kills Lucien, freeing the other three Heroes.

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