Character Name:Maze
AlignmentGood (later evil)
Weapon of Choice

Maze is an NPC in Fable, and is the Hero who finds and saves your playable character, and takes him to the Guild of Heroes. During the Oakvale Raid, Maze was actually part of the bandits who raided the town and was workng for Jack, but then rescued Hero, knowing who he was going to be when grown up. Afterwards, Maze appears to the Hero to tell him about his sister and later to give him a quest card to Find the Archaeologist. At the end of the game, Theresa tells Hero that Maze had betrayed the Heroes Guild for Jack of Blades, believing it to be the right side, considering Jack to be unstoppable. After a battle between Hero and Maze in Hook Coast, Maze eventually starts to believe that Hero may be strong enough to defeat Jack and dies.

[edit] Doll

Maze Doll.jpg

A doll of Maze can be obtained by the Hero by completing the Shove Ha'penny pub game in Hook Coast.

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