Murgo's Big Book of Trading

Murgo's Big Book of Trading
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Murgo's Big Book of Trading
TypeBooks & Documents
Base Value40
Star Level1/5

"Murgo's book contains several chapters on subjects such as hoodwinking the public, passing old junk off as precious, and the importance of a persuasive voice. More useful are the chapters on the basics of trading. A keen eye for sales and shortages is considered an essential skill, as is the ability to track down items at a reduced price. These can then be sold in regions where stock is running low for great profit. Murgo reminds readers that professional traders can have a big impact on a town's economy, driving prices up or down, and affecting the welfare of hundreds of people with their choices. And one must never forget the advantage of having a winning personality when it comes to sweet-talking shopkeepers into giving you better deals."

In game item description..

The book can be acquire from the 'Fiction Burns' bookstore in Bowerstone Market.
Two copies of Murgo's Big book of trading is needed to trade in The Box of Secrets for another item. Murgo's Big Book of Trading is also Murgo the Trader's favourite book when reading his interests.

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