Quests (Fable)

This is a list of quests in the original Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. For the quests in Fable 2, see List of Quests in Fable II.


Below you will find a list of all the quests from Fable.

[edit] Fable

[edit] Core Quests

Core Quests are marked with a gold icon, they are the quests necessary to move forward with the storyline. All of these must be completed to beat the game.

[edit] Optional Quests

Optional Quests are marked with a silver icon. These quests are not necessary to progress the storyline, however do yield Gold, Reknown, Items, and Experience. These quests are delegated to you via The Heroes Guild.

[edit] Side Quests

Side Quests are marked with a bronze icon, or sometimes not at all. They are to help you explore Albion with even more depth, as well as earn some extra Gold, Renown, Items, and experience at the same time.

[edit] Fable: The Lost Chapters

[edit] Added Core Quests

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