Reaver.jpg Reaver
Character Name:Reaver
Class/RankHero of Skill
Weapon of ChoiceGun

Reaver is the Hero of Skill in Fable 2 and is an excellent marksman. Reaver is immortal thanks to a deal made with the Shadow Court. This deal with the Shadow Court is said to have been the cause of the destruction behind Oakvale in the first Fable. When Hero meets with him, Reaver attempts to betray Hero to Lucien Fairfax, only for Lucien to betray him.

Reaver is first introduced in The Hero of Will when Reaver tells Hero to become more well known before he would assist Hero. After getting to the necessary amount of Renown points, Reaver requests Hero to take his seal to the Shadow Court, where Hero would eithwer have to sacrifice his/her appearance or a civilian.

  • Reaver is voiced by Stephen Fry.

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