Rubber Ball

Rubber Ball
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Rubber Ball
TypeMiscellaneous Items
Base Value5
Star Level*

"As all dogs know, humans are ignorant as to the true value of these precious items, which they discard seemingly at random. According to ancient pet lore, the dog deity Cainine killed his brother Fabel to gain possession of his rubber ball."

In game item description..

[edit] Information

The Rubber Ball, an item in Fable II, allows the player to use the Fetch expression.

[edit] Locations

A rubber ball can be dug up in Bower Lake, just out side the Gypsy Camp on the grassy slope down to main road. They may also be purchased from the Bowerstone General Store.

[edit] Trivia

  • The in game description of Canine and Fabel refers to Cain and Abel. In the bible Cain and Abel are brothers, the sons of Adam and Eve. Cain commits the first murders, killing his brother when God accepts Abel's sacrifice but not Cain's.
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