Scarlet Robe


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Scarlet Robe
Scarlet Robe.jpg
Scarlet in Bargate Prison
FamilyBrom (husband)
Hero (son)
Theresa (daughter)

Scarlet Robe was the Hero's mother in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters.

[edit] Fable

In Fable, Scarlet was well known for killing Balverines. She was known for being one of the Heroes to complete the Arena.
After being attacked by a Balverine, she went to Oakvale and met Brom. The two had one son and a daughter, Hero and Theresa. During the Oakvale Raid by Bandits, Scarlet was kidnapped by the antagonist, Jack of Blades and was kept prisoner in Bargate Prison until Hero arrived to rescue her. After an unsuccessful escape, Jack captures both Hero and Scarlet. A year later, Hero attempts to escape with Scarlet again and after defeating a Kraken in the entrance chamber, successfully escapes from Bargate Prison and Jack of Blades.
She went off in search for Theresa but was eventually executed by Jack of Blades just before the first battle between Hero and Jack..

[edit] Doll

Scarlet robe doll.jpg

A doll version of Scarlet Robe can be unlocked in Knothole Glade by completing the pub game in less than 25 seconds.

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