The Completionist

The Completionist

"Get all expressions, pet tricks and abilities, or see another Hero do so."

Fable 2 Achievement text.

This is a tough achievement as there are many expressions, dog tricks and abilities in the game and two of the expressions can only be obtained from Fable II Pub Games.

[edit] Controversy

This achievement created controversy in the Fable community [1] because to get this achievement, the player must have purchased Fable II Pub Games. This breaks Microsoft's achievement policy, which states that the disc must have 1000 points without needing to buy extra add-on contents. If an achievement can only be unlocked only through the use of add-on products, it must be for free. [2] Because one of the expressions and dog tricks needed to unlock this achievement can only be unlocked through Pub Games game, it has cause lots of critisism to the players wanting this achievement.

[edit] References

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