The End is Almost Nigh

The End is Almost Nigh
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The End is Almost Nigh
TypeBooks & Documents
Base Value40
Star Level1/5

"This is a collection of predictions and doom-mongerings from the mystic and soothsayer Arthur Dandelion. His more cryptic visions, such as the one about two brothers of little wit who shall release howling death upon a town of blood, have invited speculation and much shrugging of shoulders. Among his other prophecies is the one that foresees the invention of a machine that will aid in the cleaning of soiled garments. His most famous warning is the one that predicts the end of the world. According to Dandelion, it will not come suddenly, but: "the ground shall shake, and the past shall erupt into the present in a most bloody manner. Though perhaps a strange being shall transform into a dragon and lay waste to all that lives a long time before that happens. What do I know? This isn't an exact science or anything."

In game item description..

The book can be acquire from the 'Fiction Burns' bookstore in Bowerstone Market.

[edit] Notes

This first vision of the two brothers actually comes true during the course of the game. During the quest Evil in Wraithmarsh, twins Sam and Max inadvertently release a Banshee after reading again from The Book of the Extremely Dead. The Banshee eventually finds its way to the Waterfront in Bloodstone and it's up to the Hero to defeat it.

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