The Gargoyles

The Gargoyles is a Fable II quest. The main objective of the Hero is to destroy 50 gargoyles to receive a large reward. Each gargoyle can be found when the Hero is close to one. It would start insulting the Hero, making it easier to find it.

[edit] Locations

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[edit] Fairfax Gardens

Lady Grey's Tomb- Before the hole to jump in, the gargoyle is in front of the player.
Castle Fairfax- The Castle must be bought. The gargoyle is in the library.
Gardens- The Gargoyle is above the stairs leading to the large doors.

[edit] End Reward

After destroying all 50 gargoyles, Hero can open the final chest at the other side of The Gargoyle's Trove. When opened, Hero is rewarded with a normal Rotten Apple and The Gargoyle achievement. Behind the chest is a breakable wall which contains a short path to another reward, the legendary weapon The Rammer.

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