The Hero of Bowerstone

The Hero of Bowerstone is the protagonist of Fable II.

[edit] Early Life

See Quest: Childhood
Living in the streets of Bowerstone Market, with his sister, Rose, a sparrow defacates on his head, earning the nickname 'Sparrow' from her. After briefly exploring, they meet Murgo the Trader, who tells them that they can get a Music Box for just 5 Gold. Both Rose and Sparrow, with the suggestion of Theresa, help several people, reciving a gold piece from each person. During the hunt for gold, they come across a dog. They buy the music box and return to their shack to sleep.
In the middle of the night, they're both awoken by Guards who want them to go to Fairfax Manor. Inside, Lucien Fairfax discovers that they are of Hero heritage, so he shoots Rose and kicks Sparrow out of the window. Sparrow miraculously survives and is taken in by Theresa and the dog they found earlier.

[edit] Adult Life

During Sparrow's Adult life, he/she defeats Thag on the way to Bowerstone Market. When at the Market, Theresa meets Sparrow, telling her to get to Oakfield. Along the way, Sparrow helps out a man who thinks his son got lost in Hobbe Cave. In Oakfield, Hero finds who Theresa was looking for; Hammer, the Hero of Strength. After recruiting Hammer, Hero is sent to look for Garth, the Hero of Will. His is kidnapped by the Commandant and is left as prisoner in The Spire. After training, Hero disguises him/herself as a guard and in 10 years, helps Garth escape back to Albion, where they're both greeted by Theresa. Hero's last recruit, Reaver, owns a large manor in Bloodstone. After becoming more famous, Reaver agrees, but reveals that he was going to betray Hero to Lucien for more money. A messanger arrives and tells Reaver that Lucien was after him as well. Both Reaver and Hero escape to meet with the other 2 Heroes and take down a Large Shard. After meeting on the large hill in Bower Lake, the Heroes of will, skill and strength are then kidnapped by Lucien to power his Spire. Hero himself visits the Spire and kills Lucien. The other three heroes, not needed anymore decide to go their seperate ways, although Reaver decides to follw Garth.

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