The Hero of Oakvale

For the book on Hero, see The Hero of Oakvale (book)

Character Name:Unknown, nicknamed Hero
AlignmentOptional, good or evil
Weapon of ChoiceVarious
FamilyTheresa (sister)
Scarlet Robe (mother)

The Hero is the playable protagonist of Fable. He spends a majority of the game silent besides then he uses expressions, which is usually the only time he speaks. His real name isn't revealed throughout the game, he is always referred to as 'Hero'.

[edit] Life

Hero was raised in Oakvale in the far south regions of Albion. His journey of becoming a Hero starts when he was told to get enough gold coins to get his sister a birthday present. When he finally gave his sister the gift, Bandits came in and raided the town and it caught fire. In the inferno, Maze finds him and takes him to the Heroes Guild, where he recieved training. When he got into adulthood, Hero was let out to wander Albion. His first quest was to rid a Picnic Area of a Wasp Menace and defeated the Queen Wasp easily. His next quest was slightly different, to help or hinder bandits who were planning on raiding Orchard Farm. His next quest was to guard some traders to Barrow Fields. Afterwards, to finally find his sister, he had to Find the Bandit Seeress and defeat Twinblade. Maze requested Hero to Find his friend, the Archaeologist. Hero protects the town of Knothole Glade from the White Balverine and the battled another White Balverine in The Arena. Hero took several quests to rescue his mother from Jack of Blades who was kept prisoner inside Bargate Prison. Hero started up an Ancient Cullis Gate and discovered that Maze had betrayed the Guild by joining Jack of Blades, but Hero defeated him in Hook Coast. Hero teamed up with various Heroes, including Thunder and Briar Rose to stop Jack from activating focus sites all around Albion. When that failed and The Heroes Guild caught fire, Hero finally battled Jack himself in the Chamber of Fate inside the Guild.

[edit] Doll

Hero Doll.jpg

A Doll version of Hero can be recieved by defeating several assassins on a quest.

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