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The Heroes Guild is where all the heroes in Albion do their training. Older, more experienced heroes instruct future heroes in skills such as Archery, Will (Magic), Swordsmanship, and Combat.


[edit] Fable/Fable: The Lost Chapters

In Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters, The Heroes Guild acts as your center of operations - this is where you will receive quests from the Guild Master, as well as using skill points awarded to increase your character stats when you gain new levels. The Heroes Guild also serves as the main setting for the first portion of the game as you train your Hero and learn the game mechanics. During this stage of the game many of the Quests involve activities around the Heroes Guild. After the final quest in the original Fable, Defeat Jack of Blades, stones block off the map room from the rest of the Guild.

[edit] Geography

The Heroes Guild consists of a large building with grounds at the back. In the building, there are various rooms, including a map room, library, shop and passage to the Chamber of Fate. Outside, There is a Silver Key Chest and a Demon Door. In Fable, it is recommended that the player should open both the chest and Door before the Quest Return to Hook Coast because the player will not have access to the two afterwards.

[edit] Fable II

Main article: Guild Cave

500 years later, The Heroes Guild lays beneath Bower Lake. The Chamber of Fate is used as headquarters for Theresa, Hammer, Garth and The Hero of Bowerstone in their battle against Lucien Fairfax. The Chamber is the only part of the Guild that resembles the original Fable version.

[edit] Between Fable and Fable II

Between the two games, The Heroes of Albion became unpopular due to a lack of large-scale threats, such as Jack of Blades. It alleges from a source that the Heroes instead started to bully, extort, and become menaces themselves towards the townsfolk. The townsfolk of Oakvale had enough and formed a anti-Hero group and due to firearms being a new invention, could easily overpower the Heroes and burn down the Heroes Guild. According to The Hero of Oakvale book in Fable II, the records from the Heroes Guild on the Heroes were destroyed during the same fire that burnt down most of the Heroes Guild.

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