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Thunder.jpg Thunder
Character Name:Thunder
Weapon of Choice

Thunder was Whisper's brother in Fable. He was an Arena Champion.

[edit] Fable

He first appears during the Hero's childhood and becomes a recurring character. His most noticeable appearance was in the quest to marry Lady Grey. Thunder reveals himself as another love interest of Lady Grey. Hero and Thunder fight to the death at Headman's Hill. During the fight, both go over a cliff and land in a small area with a pond containing a Silver Key and a Demon Door, which will only open after the defeat of a Hero. Thunder runs into Headman's Cave, where the last part of the battle begins. After Thunder's defeat (he is not killed by the Hero), the Demon Door opens and Hero can leave.
Thunder appears later in the quest Try to Stop Jack of Blades while Hero is attempting to stop Jack from activating Focus sites around Albion. Specifically, Thunder appears and they both place their differences aside to stop Jack from activating the site in the Hobbe Cave, but they failed.

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