Trader Escort

Trader Escort
FinishBarrow Fields


[edit] Walkthrough

As one of the main quests of the Guild, Hero has to escort 2 Traders across the entire Darkwood Forest region.

[edit] Darkwood

Hero enters from Greatwood Caves into Darkwood and is greeted by the 2 traders, who want to get across the entire Darkwood Forest to reach Barrow Fields on the other side. The Darkwood area has no enemies but through the area, is greeted by a wounded trader, who was attacked by a Balverine. Hero can choose to let the trader follow and risk him turning into a balverine himself or leave him behind for evil points. Tell the traders to wait before entering the next area.

[edit] Darkwood Marches

In this area, there is only one Balverine, so kill it and tell the trades from the previous area to follow. Later down the path, there is exploding mushrooms, so don't get too close and shoot them with the bow & arrows. Once they are all gone, tell the traders to wait and continue into the next area.

[edit] Darkwood Lake

This next area has lots of Bandits, including ones hiding nearby. Kill them all and go back to get the traders. It's optional to open various chests around the lake as they have useful items. Continue through into the next area with the traders.

[edit] Darkwood Camp

In the next area, the traders will run off to the camp and start eating food to get any lost health back. Hero can also open chests around the camp for useful items. There are no other enemies in this area. Tell the traders to wait and continue into the bottom path.

[edit] Ancient Cullis Gate

There are not as many bandits, but there are stronger bandits mixed with the weaker ones. Kill them all and when at the last bridge, use the bow & arrow to shoot and kill the Hobbes patrolling the path to the next area. Get the traders to wait at the path where the Hobbes were while Hero goes into the next area.

[edit] Darkwood Weir

Darkwood Earth Troll.jpg

In the last area before Barrow Fields, kill all the common enemies until the end area. An Earth Troll (pictured right) will be waiting for the Hero and a boss battle commences. The Earth Troll is easy if Hero has an effective bow & arrow or if Hero has the Fireball Will ability. After the Earth Troll has been defeated, get the traders to follow Hero into the next area, Barrow Fields.

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