Twinblade at his tent
NameUnknown, known as Twinblade
Weapon of ChoiceTwo swords
Appears inFable, Fable: The Lost Chapters

Twinblade, a former hero who became the Bandit King - is an enemy who kidnaps the Blind Seeress. He resides in a Bandit Camp on the outskirts of Oakvale. In the Blind Seeress Quest, Twinblade becomes a boss for Hero to defeat. His nickname came from his choice of weapons, two swords, one in each hand.


[edit] Fable

Twinblade Weak.jpg

In the quest Find the Bandit Seeress, the only obstacle of hindering Hero's hopes of finding his sister, the Seeress, is the Bandit King Twinblade. Several Bandits surround Hero and Twinblade as they start fighting. Twinblade's attacks are usually to try and attack Hero by swinging the swords but his weakness is when he tries to pin down Hero with the swords and gets them stuck, exposing his back that takes more damage than the rest of the body. When most of his health is gone, a cutscene shows Twinblade, defeated, giving Hero the choice to kill him (succeeding gives dark points) or leaving the area with Twinblade alive (giving good points). If the decision to kill him is chosen, the bandits disband. Both the several bandits and Twinblade start attacking Hero until they are all dead.

[edit] The Tales of Twinblade

The tales of Twinblade is a book that can be obtained from searching The Heroes Guild near the entrance to the Chamber of Fate and the book reveals a lot of how Twinblade became the Bandit king. It revealed that after graduating, Twinblade realised he could take anything he wants, becoming a thief. When at the bandit camp, he killed the clan leaders and made himself king.

[edit] Other

Twinblade Doll.jpg

A doll version of Twinblade can be won in Twinblade's Camp after beating 5 rounds of Spot the Addition in less that 25 seconds.

[edit] Fable II

In Fable II, Twinblade is dead, but his camp grew into a town called Bloodstone. A tomb dedicated to Twinblade was built in the neighbouring area of Wraithmarsh. In the Fable II quest Love Hurts, Sparrow explores the tomb for a body part of Lady Grey.

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