Twinblade's Tent

Twinblade's Tent
Fable: The Lost Chapters
EastTwinblade's Elite
Points of InterestTwinblade's tent
First explored inFind the Bandit Seeress

[edit] Plot

Hero infiltrated Twinblade's camp, followed by his camp for Elite bandits then the tent dressed as a Bandit. At the tent, Twinblade and Hero get into a sword fight inside a circle of bandits. If Hero gets too close to the edge of the circle, the bandits start attacking him. Despite that, the bandits remain in their spots but are indestructable. When Twinblade loses a majority of his health, the Bandit seeress is revealed to be Theresa, Hero's sister.

[edit] Trivia

By Fable II, Twinblade's camp, Elite camp and tent have been turned into the town of Bloodstone.

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