Character Name:Whisper
Weapon of ChoiceStaff

[edit] Fable

Whisper is the hero's best friend from when he was training at The Heroes Guild. When they were young, both Hero and Whisper were roomates and practiced combat. They were both trained, as well as Whisper's brother Thunder, to become Heroes and protect Albion. When they both grew up, Whisper battled Hero during the Protect Orchard Farm Quest and was later seen in the Arena, helping Hero defeat waves of enemies, including Balverines, the Undead, Rock Trolls and a large scorpion.

[edit] Fate

At the end of the Arena quest, Jack of Blades introduces a twist, Hero can kill Whisper or keep her alive. A brief boss battle starts between Hero and Whisper starts, but Whisper deliberately goes easy, not wanting either of the two to get killed. After, it's the player's decision if Whisper lives or not. If Whisper lives, whatever gold Hero earns can still be kept.

[edit] Doll

Whisper Doll.jpg

This doll can be earnt in Fable by winning the Oakvale pub game, Coin golf and beating the record of 11 hits.

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