White Balverine

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For the beast, see White Balverine (creature)

White Balverine is a Fable quest.

[edit] Walkthrough

Hero is called to Knothole Glade due to a creature, a White Balverine being spotted there. From the Witchwood Cullis Gate, the Hero will need to go to Knothole Glade, 4 areas away. Alternatively, if the player visits Knothole Glade during the Find the Archaeologist quest, Hero can use the Cullis Gate to get to Knothole Glade immediately.
At Knothole Glade, Hero finds the front main door of the Glade, used to keep enemies out, has been locked and there are at least 5 villiagers pounding on the doors. After taking out 4 balverines, which spawn one at a time, the doors will open. Once inside, the White Balverine will start attacking Hero. He just needs to hit the Balverine 10 times to drive it away. 10 quick shots with an arrow will work. The chief will then tell Hero to meet with a the wife of the last person who hunted a White Balverine on top of the hill. At the top, the Balverine will attack again, so Hero needs to shoot 10 quick arrows to make it run away again. The wife will then reveal that the White Balverine is in fact her husband, who was attacked by the previous White Balverine. She proceeds by giving a Silver Augumentation to Hero to use to kill the White Balverine. Once again, the White Balverine appears and only needs to be hit 5 times before it runs off.
The Chief tells Hero that the lair of the Balverine is in Witchwood Lake. Inside Witchwood Lake, a boss battle begins, and if the augumentation is attached, will be an easy fight. After at least one fifth of the health is depleted, the White Balverine howls and normal balverines appear. Focusing in the White Balverine, it'll howl and order more balverines to attack Hero. Once it's been finished off, Hero can either attack the Balverines or run to Knothole Glade for his reward of 800 renown and 6200 Gold. He becomes well known enough to fight in the Witchwood Arena.

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