Witchwood Arena

Witchwood Arena
Witchwood Arena.jpg
Location of the Arena on Witchwood Island.
Fable: The Lost Chapters
SouthWitchwood Lake
Points of InterestThe Arena
First Explored inThe Arena

[edit] History

According to a book found in the Heroes Guild, the Arena was built because various Heroes had started to fight each other to the death. Because of this, the Arena was built. Creatures were captured for the Heroes to defeat. If the combatants choose, they could battle each other to the death.

[edit] In Fable

In Fable, before the storyline of the game, 3 people have been reveal to have completed the Arena quest, Jack of Blades, Scarlet Robe and Thunder. Hero was chosen to participate in the Arena after slaying a White Balverine that was terrorising the nearby town of Knothole Glade.

[edit] Area

On the outside of the Arena, there is a title vendor and two guards that protect the large doors to get in. Inside, there are several practice dummies and a shop to buy supplies for the fight.

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