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The Bandits are the most common enemy in the Fable series and as such, play a large role in the games.

[edit] Fable

They are first seen after the Birthday Gift quest when several bandits, including Maze, start raiding Oakvale. Hero finds out that Jack of Blades planned the whole raid to kill him but was saved by Maze.
Bandits can usually be found in areas far from towns where Guards don't bother them. They are usually in small groups of about 5 to 9 per area. The areas that contain the larger amounts of bandits include Twinblade's Camp, Twinblade's Elite and Twinblade's Tent, where most of the bandit population have set up camp. This area is also crucial in the Find the Bandit Seeress quest, where Hero infiltrates the three Twinblade area to find his sister and inadvertently defeats Twinblade. Another area where there is a large Bandit population is Greatwood Gorge, where Bandits have set up camp and have forced all people walking through to pay a toll until Hero defeats the population.

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