Battle Jack of Blades

Defeat Jack of Blades
LocationThe Heroes Guild, Chamber of Fate
EnemiesJack of Blades
Theresa (optional)
BossJack of Blades
TrophyJack's Mask

Battle Jack of Blades is the last quest in the original Fable. The quest consists of a boss battle against the main antagonist of the game, Jack of Blades.

[edit] Plot

Hero encounters Guild Master lying on the floor of the burning Heroes Guild. He tells Hero that Jack is inside the Chamber of Fate,so Hero enters. Inside, Jack surrounds himself with a force field and sends minions to kill Hero. After Hero kills them all, the boss battle against Jack begins. In this first part, Jack is running around shooting Will-spheres in various directions. After taking away half of Jack's life, large spikes rise from the floor and Jack goes into the middle of the Chamber and gets bigger. Hero has to shoot with his arrow or with fireball to take away the rest of Jacks life. After defeating Jack, Hero is left with two choices. Bad Side: To get large bad-side points, Hero uses the Sword of Aeons (the most damaging sword in the game) to kill his sister and can keep the sword. Good side: To get large amounts of light side points, Hero throws the sword into a vortex.

[edit] Walkthrough

Get a lot of health potions and resurrection phials before starting Return to Hook Coast as Hero must defeat Jack to get out of the Guild. Talk to the Guild Master In the chamber, make Hero run around shooting Fireball at Jack. Dodge the spheres Jack shoots and continue shooting fireball at Jack. Eventually, Jack's health will be halfway gone and he will run to the middle of the chamber to get bigger. He lifts large rock-like spikes from theground which can be used for cover. Jack will levitate himself and start shooting the spheres at Hero. He also now has a new unadvoidable attack in which he will lift up his hand and take away a majority of Hero's health. While Jack is levitating, Hero can use the arrow without Jack blocking it, but that is up to the player's decision. When Jack is nearly dead, he will send out more minions. As long as Hero keeps moving and shooting at Jack, they shouldn't bother Hero. When Jack finally falls, he creates a vortex and the Sword of Aeons and leaves what Hero does next to the players decision.

Light decision: To become good, Hero must walk up to the vortex and the game gives the player the option to place the Sword in the vortex or not. If the Hero places the sword in the vortex, he is given enough light side points to make him completely good. Dark decision: If the player chooses to kill Theresa (who is unarmed and will not fight back), he gets to keep the Sword of Aeons, the strongest sword in the game and become very evil.

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