Castle Fairfax


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[edit] History

Castle Fairfax was built in the same location as the Bowerstone Manor. It was owned by the Fairfax Family, who had a long history themselves of mental disorders.
When Lucien Fairfax became owner, he also became Mayor of Bowerstone.

[edit] Fable II

During the quest Childhood, Sparrow and Rose are invited to visit Castle Fairfax, wishing that they could live in a manor like it. Unfortunately for the both of them, Lucien shoots Rose, killing her, and also shoots Sparrow out a window, although she/he survives.
Castle Fairfax makes little to no significant appearances in the plot of the game, although at the end, the castle can be bought for $1 000 000 Gold and Sparrow can be declared Mayor as a result.

[edit] Geography

The Castle Fairfax is a part of Fairfax Gardens, meaning that there is no loading times travelling between the two locations. Underneath the stairs is a Demon Door.
In the main bedroom, many expensive objects can be collected, such as diamonds.

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