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The Colosseum is a large arena where the Hero can fight. Unlike its Albion counterpart, the Crubicle, the enemies in the Colosseum all spawn in the same area.


[edit] Teddies

There are three teddies that can be found in the Colosseum.

[edit] King Teddy

The King Teddy can be found by going to the door opposite the entrance and setting fire to the candles.

[edit] Captain Teddy

This teddy can be found when scoring exactly 1985. The teddy will immediately appear.

[edit] Wizard teddy

To find this teddy, the player must go to the telescope and aim for the stone statue underneath the moon.

[edit] Associated Acheivements

The Multiplicator
The Gladiator
The Fowl Player
The Combatant

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