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Demon Doors are beings scattered throughout Albion in the games Fable, Fable: The Lost Chapters and Fable II. They often contain special items or rewards for completing the task necessary to open them. These tasks are often explained to you in a very cryptic manner by the doors themselves, and you must figure out what you need to accomplish in order to unlock them. These tasks can range from gaining a high combat multiplier to executing a civilian in front of the door. The requirements for unlocking the Demon Doors are listed below.


[edit] Fable

[edit] Heroes Guild

To get past this demon door, Hero must choose lantern and have it switched on while speaking to the demon door. Inside can be found the Elixir of Life.

[edit] Greatwood Gorge

Something very evil must be done in front of the door. The most reliable and evil way to get in is to get around 10 crunchy chickens and eat them in front of the door. Inside is the legendary weapon Wello's Pickhammer.

[edit] Greatwood Caves

This door must be opened with a combat multiplyer of 14. The easiest way to enter is by defeating the rock monster halfway through the game when it spawns outside this demon door. Inside is the Legendary weapon Cutlass Bluetane

[edit] Rose Cottage

To open this door, give it a gift. Inside in the full Bright Will User Suit.

[edit] Darkwood Marsh

To open this door, defeat 4 waves of Hobbes guarding the door. Inside is the full Dark Will User suit.

[edit] Barrowfields

The door encourages Hero to be fat and obese and if he does, it will open for him. Inside is a Will Masters Elixir.

[edit] Grey House

To open this door, marry Lady Grey, who can only be marryed through the storyline. Inside is the weapon Ronok the Axe.

[edit] Abandoned Road

To get inside, wear the bright plate mail suit, Dark will users suit and Bandits outfit. Inside is the Dollmasters Mace

[edit] Witchwood Stones

To get inside, there are some large rocks nearby that represent 4 letters, I, H, T, S. The rocks must be hit in this order, H I T S. The demon will then open. An interesting note is that spelling an obscene word will send two balverines out. Inside is the Archaeologist for the Find the Archaeologist quest.

[edit] Knothole Glade

To open the door, hit it as hard as you can with the most damaging bow in Hero's possession. Inside is the Elixir of Life.

[edit] Headmans Hill

Defeat Thunder in the quest to marry Lady Grey.

[edit] Lychfield Cemetary

Collect all of Nostro's belongings around the cemetary and the Demon Door will open. Inside continues the path to Bargate Prison.

[edit] Fable: The Lost Chapters

A few more demon doors were added from the original Fable.

[edit] Lookout Point

The Lookout Point demon door only appears after the completion of the Fable section of the game. The back plate for the door appeared in the original Fable, but the face didn't appear, rendering it unusable.

[edit] Necropolis

This door laments on the fact that it's a door and not a Silver Key Chest, which is what it always wanted to be. To open this door, the protagonist must forfeit all Silver Keys he has in his possession, but unlike the chests, won't get them back. The easiest way to open this door is by not picking up any keys at all before speaking to the door. He gets annoyed at this, but states that a promise is a promise and allows passage through to the Hero.

[edit] Fable II

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[edit] Bowerstone Cemetery

To open this door, Hero must kick a chicken into the door.

[edit] Bloodstone

To open this door, Hero must use a Lute, extend the expression and stop when the Door says so.

[edit] Bower Lake

To open this door, Hero must perform several Expressions. Most are already unlocked, but the Laugh expression can only be gained when good enough and Worship is gained from buying Fiction Burns and getting the book from the top floor.

[edit] Brightwood

This door simply doesn't want to open, too embarassed by the treasure it contains. To open, give it cheese. It will then ask for various hairstyles and clothes buyable in Bloodstone and Bowerstone Market.

[edit] Wraithmarsh

This door wants an audience to hear it read a play. When the 10 is collected, at the door, it can't decide what to read. At first it considers A Tailor's Tragedy before settling with The Repentant Alchemist, a story that has been around for at least 500 years. Eventually, the Door finishes and opens, revealing Terry Cotter's Army.

[edit] Rookridge

The Door wants Hero's Dog to perform 5 tricks. They can be purchased at Fiction Burns in Bowerstone Market.

[edit] Westcliff

This door wants a corrupt person to open. An easy way to become corrupt is to charge 100% on rent and prices of any owned houses and stores. Also, it can be opened by eating lots of meaty products. If Hero is already corrupt, the door opens.

[edit] Oakfield

This door wants to see love. To do so, use the blow kiss expression on a person while in front of the door. Inside is Serenity Farm.

[edit] Fairfax Gardens

This door is hidden underneath Castle Fairfax. It can only be opened when every other door in Albion is opened. It decides to leave to be with the others.

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