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The Dog is a main character to Fable II, who assists the protagonist throughout the game. The Dog that accompanies Sparrow is the only dog in the game.


[edit] Early Life

The Dog first appears during the Childhood quest while Sparrow and Rose search for 5 Gold pieces. He finds one of the pieces of paper that they are searching for.
Once Hero gets knocked out of Castle Fairfax, Dog and Theresa both accompany him to and stay at the Gypsy Camp in Bower Lake.

[edit] Later Life

The dog continues to accompany Sparrow when he leaves the camp, proving to be a big asset along the way, helping find treasure and ways to overcome obstacles. Despite this, he doesn't appear to be central to the plot until his death later in the game.

[edit] Death

Lucien, having recaptured all three Heroes, Garth, Hammer and Reaver, decides to eliminate the final hero, the protagonist. However, he fails when the Dog jumps up and takes the bullet. He soon dies.

[edit] Revival

The dog can be revived in two ways.

  • Once the main story has been completed, one of the options the Spire will provide is to revive all family members. This option includes the dog.
  • If Knothole Island has been downloaded, a shrine can be found which also revives the dog.

[edit] Notes

  • If See the Future has been downloaded, the breed of the dog can be changed to other options, such as Bloodhound or Dalmation.

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