Fairfax Gardens

Fairfax Gardens is an area dominated by the large Castle Fairfax. The gardens contain several wandering aristocrats, traders and guards.


[edit] Areas

[edit] Excavation site

To the right of the player's entrance to the area, there is a excavation site used primarily in the quest The Archaeologist (Quest). Under Belle Reynolds's direction, a large door has been unearthed and once the ancient scrolls are found, the doors can be unlocked to a room underneath.

[edit] Castle Fairfax

Main article: Castle Fairfax

Castle Fairfax takes up most of the area of Fairfax Gardens and can only be entered after one million Gold has been spent. Inside, there is a library, large bed and access to one of the rarest potions in Albion created by the alchemist Leo Head.

[edit] Lady Grey's Tomb

Main article: Lady Grey's Tomb

500 years ago, in the site of Castle Fairfax, there was a slightly smaller building called Bowerstone Manor. Lady Grey owned it and was thought to have been a witch. She was killed and cut up into several pieces. The tomb is used to remember the former Mayor of Bowerstone.

[edit] Demon Door

The demon door can be accessed at anytime, even if the Castle is not owned. It is in a yard with a large tree growing in the middle. It can be accessed by going into a small passageway that is underneath the stairs leading up to the large doors of Castle Fairfax. Also in the small passageway is a Silver Key.

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