Find the Archaeologist

Find the Archaeologist
Quest TypeGold
EnemiesEarth Troll

Find the Archaelogist is a quest in Fable and Fable: The Lost Chapters. This quest introduces the Witchwood Island.

[edit] Walkthrough

Hero will need to travel to Witchwood Cullis Gate and go to the next area. But before reaching the door, an Earth Troll appears for Hero to defeat. After defeating the troll, Hero can go into the next area.
In the next area, four stones can be visible, each of them representing a letter. I, H, T, S. To open the Demon Door, Hero must correctly spell HITS. The stones aren't marked.
Inside is the Archaeologist and the quest is complete.

[edit] Trivia

The stones can also be used to spell SHIT. The first time, two Balverines appear as punishment. The second time, an indistinct voice, possibly the Demon Door says the word.

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