Greatwood Gorge

Greatwood Gorge
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One of the guards that asks the Hero to pay a fee to get across.
Fable: The Lost Chapters
NorthGreatwood Entrance
SouthGreatwood Cullis Gate
Points of InterestBandit camp
Demon Door

Greatwood Gorge is one of the areas in Fable. What stands out about the area is that it is the only area in Albion that have bandits who've taken over the area and requests for a toll.

[edit] Toll

The bandits have set up camp in Greatwood Gorge and one bandits stays alert to force travelling Traders and other people to pay a toll to cross the area. The toll is 700 gold coins. In front of the bandit, there are several signs signalling that the toll bandit is further down the track. If the Hero chooses, he could pay the toll, walk away or kill all of the bandits occupying the area. If Hero chooses to kill them all, there are many bandits waiting at the camp. Killing them all is also a useful way to get many experience points.

[edit] Points of Interest

There are several points of interest in the area, such as the bandit camp. Some very useful items can be found in the chests, such as 500 gold, a flame augmentation, a Steel Pickhammer and several other potions. Heading to the southernmost path, a Demon Door can be found. It can be opened by performing an act of great evil in front of it and there are two quick ways to perform evil acts. The first is to get several people to follow Hero to the door and kill them all or to go to the Darkwood Camp, buy 10 or more Crunchy Chickens and eat them in front of the Demon Door. Either way, the door will open and Hero can obtain Wello's Pickhammer.

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