Hobbe Killing Contest

Hobbe Killing Contest
Hobbe killing contest.JPG
Killing Contest Quest Card
GameFable, Fable: The Lost Chapters
LocationOrchard Farm
CharactersHero, Whisper

Hobbe Killing Contest is a Side Quest that only has one objective, beat Whisper in killing as many Hobbes as possible.

[edit] Walkthrough

As soon as the quest starts, go immediately to the left and open the chest for a treasure clue. After, go to the area with the hobbes and simply start killing them until time runs down. The best method on beating Whisper's record is to keep away from her, as she occassionally steals kills if nearby.

[edit] Glitch/ Exploit

This Quest is a silver key booster, as in the Hero can gain the key during a quest, Hero Save, reload the same save game, start the same quest again and get the same key. This glitch can be used to get as many silver keys as the player wishes.

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