Knothole Glade


[edit] Fable

Knothole Glade is an town of Albion in the original Fable. It is located near Witchwood Lake. It's the site of several quests, including protecting the town from a White Balverine and from Bandits. It is guarded by large, wooden gates, which helped protect the town in the quest Break the Siege until Hero arrived to protect the town himself. Knothole Glade has all a typical town has, several vendors, a buyable house, a bard and a Demon Door. It can only be opened by shooting at it with a strong bow. When opened, the Demon Door leads to the Hidden Copse.

[edit] Law

What sets Knothole Glade apart from the other towns in terms of law is that Knothole Glade is the only town in the game where the Hero can walk around while carrying a weapon instead of walking around with it on his back.

[edit] See Also

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[edit] Fable II DLC

Knothole Glade, 500 years later, is not a town, but now the whole island is named Knothole Island. It can only be downloaded from the Xbox Live marketplace.[1] If the player wants to visit Knothole Island with a co-op friend, he has to download the free or premium pack. To do the quests and explore Knothole Island by yourself, the player must download the premium pack for 800 microsoft points.

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