Leo - Hero Title Vendor


Leo is located outside of The Heroes Guild at Lookout Point. He sells Hero Titles, which as you become more renown; other NPCs will address you as. Depending on the title you chose, and your Alignment, the NPCs may greet you warmly, or sneer and jeer at you. They may also add subtitles such as "the brave" or "the just" to the end of the title (also depending on your alignment).

[edit] Titles

Maleficus 600 Gold (Fable).jpg
Assassin 280 Gold (Fable).jpg
Avatar 1000 Gold (Fable).jpg
Liberator 600 Gold (Fable).jpg
Druid 200 Gold (Fable).jpg
Ranger 260 Gold (Fable).jpg
Runemaster 450 Gold (Fable).jpg
Hood 200 Gold (Fable).jpg
Sabre 250 Gold (Fable).jpg
Piemaster 100 Gold (Fable).jpg
Chicken Chaser 400 Gold (Fable).jpg
Arseface'' 60 Gold (Fable).jpg

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