List of bosses in Fable

This list is of bosses in the game Fable.


[edit] Wasp Queen

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The Wasp Queen is the first boss Hero encounters in his first Quest Wasp Menace. She and her fellow wasps were terrorising the Bowerstone Picnic Area before being defeated by Hero and was killed.

[edit] Whisper

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In the Protect or Attack Orchard Farm Quest, Whisper helps the opposing group either protect or attack the farm. When the first part of the quest is completed, Whisper battles Hero in a boss battle.

[edit] Twinblade

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In the Find the Bandit Seeress quest, to find his sister, Hero must defeat a former Hero who is an expert in swords, Twinblade. When he is close to defeat, Hero can choose to either kill him or let him live.

[edit] White Balverine

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The White Balverine was a former Balverine Hunter before being bitten. After turning into a White Balverine, he started terrorising the town of Knothole Glade.

[edit] Arachanox

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Arachanox is the name of the huge creature Whisper and Hero battled in The Arena. It resembles a cross between a large scorpion and a spider.

[edit] Whisper

While in the Arena, Jack of Blades wants to put on a good show, so he gives them both an option to kill each other or walk away. Wanting to put on a good show, the two start battling but it's Hero's decision if Whisper stays alive or not.

[edit] Maze

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Maze reveals that he has betrayed Weaver and his Heroes Guild to join Jack of Blades, believing that Jack will be the victor and would rule Albion. After fighting Maze in Hook Coast, Maze changes his decision, believing that Hero may be strong enough to defeat Jack.

[edit] Jack of Blades

Main article: Jack of Blades

Jack is the primary antagonist of the game. He battles Hero after killing his mother to aquire the Sword of Aeons. The two battle in the Chamber of Fate. In the end, Hero can choose to keep the sword or kill his sister.

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