Nostro was the founder of the Guild of Heroes, and he built the Arena. While in Lychfield Cemetary in Fable, The Hero must search the whole cemetary for several items of clothing that belonged to him so that the remains can show the path for the Hero to continue his quest. After the collection, Nostro makes a Demon Door open for the Hero, as it would only open on Nostro's commands. Besides this appearance, Nostro plays a very minor role in the rest of the game.
In Fable: The Lost Chapters, Nostro appears again when The Hero of Oakvale needs to collects several souls to open up the Bronze Gate. Nostro, who is the oldest soul needed other than the Guildmaster, gladly would sacrifice his soul to open the gate, but as he is a warrior, requests to be killed in battle so that he would die with dignity and free him from his undead form.

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